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Prime Techie

Want to get lifetime free virtual ubuntu cloud server? Read this..

Recently Oracle Cloud services introduced an excellent offer to grant free virtual cloud ubuntu servers and good deal of other services free for life.

This arrangement is much better matched to AWS and Azure cloud services.

This is an exceptional offer.👍

In AWS and Azure cloud instances are free only for 365 days.

But oracle cloud provides the oracle cloud ubuntu servers free for lifetime.

Not only free virtual ubuntu cloud server. But we have other useful lifetime free services.

These free services are enough to run complete website / web-application for small business or our hobby projects for students and freelancers.

Below is the list of services available in Oracle cloud which is completely free for lifetime.

  • 2 free ubuntu compute instances with ubuntu [Yes. You read it right. Two free instances]
  • 2 Database instances 20GB each [Vs Single 20 GB database in AWS]
  • 100 GB block volume [Vs 30 GB block volume in AWS]
  • 10 GB Object storage [Vs 5 GB Object storage in AWS]
  • Load balancing
  • Notifications
  • Logging analytics

Also, We can use Oracle Linux and CentOS Linux in the compute instances.

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