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How to Install Tiger VNC server GUI in oracle cloud Linux?


This tutorial will see how to install a Graphical user interface for Linux and access the cloud Linux from our PC.

Connect the Linux instance using the PUTTY server and login into the terminal.

After login, We will install the required software using the Linux terminal.

First, We need to install “Server With GUI” using sudo command.

> sudo yum groups install “Server With GUI”

It might take some time to install all required packages.

We need to install tigervnc-server using sudo command once “Server With GUI” installation is completed.

>sudo yum install tigervnc-server

We need to start the vncserver after the installation is completed.


We need to set the password for vncserver. We will use this password to login using the vnc client on our PC.

 For the view-only password prompt, select ‘No’.

 Now vnc server is ready. In our following tutorial, we will see how to connect to this vnc server using the VNC client.

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